Experiences with FAIRNEL

"I was looking for a relationship that really filled me. Finding a partner I can imagine living together with for a lifetime was my goal. Thanks to FAIRNEL I am now in a relationship that meets my expectations as I have only met singles with serious intentions."

Marie (25 years / London)

"My dream is to have a happy family. Therefore, I am looking for a woman with whom I can realize my ideas of a harmonious family life. I already had dates with very interesting ladies, but the right one will come later."

Philipp (34 years / Manchester)

"After a failed marriage I was looking for a harmonious relationship. Leisure activities have a special meaning to me, because an active life in my older age is very important to me. With my present partner, I enjoy the relaxed interaction with each other very much."

Walter (62 years / London)

"As I’m busy at work but at the same time I do not want to leave the chance to such an important topic as the choice of the right partner, I trust the FAIRNEL concept. Instead of superficially evaluating pictures, I trust to find a partner based on my interests and values ​​that really suits me."

Tanja (30 years / Oxford)